A Guiding Light for Others in Need

A Guiding Light for Others in Need

Contact us to learn more about our services for the visually impaired

By some estimates, nearly 10% of all Americans suffer from visual impairments. Living without your eyesight can have profound challenges. At WF Founder Lions Club, we're committed to making sure everyone has access to basic visual assistance.

No one should ever be left in the dark. Our local fundraising and assistance programs are designed to give the visually impaired all of the help they need to live full and happy lives. Speak with us today to see how you can help.

How do we help the visually impaired?

WF Founder Lions Club has several different programs to help the visually impaired in our community and throughout the world. Our charitable programs include:

Collecting used eyeglasses for recycling to be delivered to people (nationally and internationally) who can't afford them
Paying to get eye care for children who can't afford it
Training guide dogs for the vision-impaired

We support local and international projects for the eradication of blindness. Contact us today to become a member or support our cause.