Fun for Young and Old

Fun for Young and Old

Attend the annual Texas Oklahoma Fair presented by WF Founder Lions Club

Looking for more information about our historical fair? Steeped in rich tradition, the Texas Oklahoma Fair is an annual event bringing thousands together to raise money for our local causes. This year, the fair will be held September 15th-September 19th. At WF Founder Lions Club, we're proud to plan, sponsor and manage this charitable event in Wichita Falls, TX.

The Texas Oklahoma Fair is held every second week of September. With average proceeds of $30,000 or more, our event provides a major source of funding for the incredible nonprofits in our community. Call 940-923-0075 today if you'd like your own booth to participate in the fair.

Never a dull moment

Each and every year, we pack the Texas Oklahoma Fair with activities and events the entire family can enjoy. For a $10 ticket, you can enjoy:

Dozens of food stands from local dishes to fairground classics
Educational and commercial exhibits with local merchandise
Arts and crafts activities (needlecraft, fine art, quilting, photography, baking, canning, etc.)
Thrilling carnival rides and games
Live music and entertainment
Livestock shows, working dog competition and barrel-racing

We offer indoor and outdoor activities to keep the show going no matter what Mother Nature brings us. Special events like military night and armband night occur throughout the week.